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Finishing your degree isn’t easy.

Don’t have the time, resources and energy to find and compare your options?

Why waste your effort on a degree that won’t put you in the career you want?

Our solution is simple:
Just a few minutes with a counselor can help you ensure that the programs you’re considering will meet your needs. We’ve spent years working with colleges that offer programs that can help you achieve a career in a fast-growing, in-demand industry.

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Learn how an online degree saved one man’s bacon (and let him bring some home too.) Read more >

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Relevant Data that works

We work with schools directly to make sure that you get the most up-to-date data available anywhere

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Heart? Passion? Understanding? Our counselors have that – and more.

Respect for you

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Our Mission

DegreeCounseling: Connecting real people with real opportunities.

Your education is more than just an investment in the future, We’re dedicated to giving you the tools and resources to make the right decision for your goals, lifestyle and schedule – no matter what they might be. Here’s to your success!

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